Bench Brakes: 3 Year Warranty - Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty
Simplicity of design allows these brakes to work in the most direct fashion. Easy to set up and operate. Body sections are welded steel plates, with heavy truss rods and braces for longer life and greater strength. These brakes are standard with extension handles, apron stop for repeat bends, and replaceable bushings at points of wear.
Model U4816 S4816 Stand
(Yield Strength 30,000 lbs. @ rated capacity)
Mild Steel 16 Gauge
Stainless 20 Gauge
Mild Steel 16 Gauge
Stainless 20 Gauge
Maximum Lift of Beam 1 1/4/32mm 1 1/4/32mm  
Finger Width 2 3 4
51mm 76mm 102mm
Maximum Depth of Box 4/102mm    
Bending Length 48 1/4/1226mm 48 1/4/1226mm  
Shipping Weight 500lbs/227kgs
1689 x 965 x 1372mm
2134 x 965 x 1372mm
Floor Space     54x19x271/4
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